Well known for its waffles, fries and chocolate, Brussels also has an important cultural heritage. There are many museums to discover and something for everyone! Here we present you our top 10 museums to visit in Brussels. So, which one do you start with? 😊

  • Brussels City Museum
    Located since 1887 in the Grand Place, the Brussels City Museum is a must to discover the history of the capital. Its historic neo-Gothic building and national heritage called “The King’s House” is already the first treasure of this museum. Let yourself be carried away by the history of the city through a collection of various artworks and objects. You can for example admire the original Manneken-Pis statue, or the famous masterpiece “The Bombardment of 1695”.
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  • Atomium
    You’ve all heard of the Atomium, the most popular attraction in Brussels, but did you know that it is also a cultural and art space? With over 600,000 visitors per year, the Atomium houses many permanent exhibitions such as Expo58, which traces the history of this symbol of Brussels, as well as temporary exhibitions with different themes. At the end of your visit, do not hesitate to go and admire the 360° panoramic view!
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  • Magritte Museum
    Are you an art lover? Then this museum is made for you. In the heart of the Place Royale, the Magritte Museum, dedicated to the surrealism, owns the world’s largest collection of the Belgium artist René Magritte. Every year, more than 300,000 visitors come here for all over the world to discover his life and the 230 works of the artist on display in the museum. What’s more, you can also enjoy temporary exhibitions.
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  • Musical Instruments Museum
    Housed within a charming 19th century department store, this wonderful museum hosts over 7,000 musical instruments. From the oldest saxophone in the world, to more recent instruments, discover their history while listening to more than 200 musical extracts. The building also hides a beautiful concert hall on the 8th floor, similar to a Greek amphitheater. Are you ready to bring out your musical soul?
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  • Belgian Comic Strip Center
    Do you want to know the secrets of your favourite comic characters? Let’s visit the entertaining Belgian Comic Strip Center, where you will find some permanent and temporary exhibitions dedicated to Belgian comics and their authors. Inside the museum, from the children comics to the adult comics, go to the heart of the stories of Tintin, Billy & Buddy, the Smurfs, and many others, who lead the way towards further adventures.
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  • Autoworld
    Take a journey back to the 1890s through the history of the automobile industry with this vintage car museum. Divided into several thematic zones, you are invited to admire an extensive collection of over 250 cars, trucks and motorcycles and learn about the history, present and future of the automobile. In addition, you will have the opportunity to discover the collection of the car passionate Mahy family.
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  • Trainworld
    Recently opened and located in the preserved buildings of Schaerbeek railway station, this interactive railway museum hides a lot of treasures. Walk among the locomotives, visit a railway house, and cross a railway bridge. Admire the oldest steam locomotive on the continent called “Pays de Waes”, or the “Type 12” locomotive whose speed beat all records in 1939. Finally, end your visit with a first class armchair in a high speed train and get a feel for the future of trains.
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  • Choco-Story Brussels
    Belgium is well-known for its delicious chocolate. Are you a greedy chocolate lover? Plunge into the delicious world of chocolate and cocoa to learn about their origins and secrets. On the program, find out more about the production of chocolate thanks to the audio guide, and assist to the demonstration offered by the chocolatier of the traditional production of the famous Belgian praline. Of course, don’t leave without tasting!
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  • Belgian Brewers Museum
    The rich tradition of Belgian beer is kept alive in this museum. Do you know how beer was made in a 18th Century brewery? Built into the basement of the Brewers’ House, dive into the heart of the brewing industry and discover the techniques and secrets of the Belgian beer over the years. During the visit, learn about the brewing equipment and watch a video revealing all the secrets of the beer. Finish your tour by enjoying a delicious beer tasting in the café!
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  • Museum of Natural Sciences
    A natural must-see for children and adults! At this museum, rooms are dedicated to several subjects, such as minerals, insects, or shells. You can explore human nature, evolution and biology into the Gallery of Humankind. Are you fascinated by dinosaurs? Perfect, the museum hosts the largest Dinosaur Gallery in Europe, as well as gigantic bones and fossils of dinosaurs and blue whales. More than 1,000 specimens are shown in the Gallery of Evolution. Good to know: temporary exhibitions are also on display.
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