Our restaurant, Sentro, offers guests a new perspective on Brussels. A perspective seen through the eyes of Chef Vincent
Masson and Brussels craftsmen and artists who have an unparalleled passion for the city, its delicacies, its specialities and its characteristics. Chef Vincent Masson calls Sentro an opportunity to share his emotions through culinary creations inspired by artists and craftsmen who will exhibit their work in the restaurant and hotel.

The first artist to highlight this new concept is Véronique Van der Wielen.

“Four minutes of eye contact brings people closer to each other better than everything else”

Véronique, a Brussels’ artist, paints portraits, looking straight into the eyes, without ever looking away, thus creating an indelible connection. During this connection, she gleans emotions, a spontaneity, a state of mind, a reality at a given moment, sometimesa story. With her gaze plunged into the other’s, she instantly sketches a movement, a reason for being in each of the lines she draws, reflecting a form of accuracy, truth and authenticity. The approach to portraiture by “Les Yeux Dans Les Yeux” is above all an opportunity for “recognition”, an opportunity to meet in a different way. It is more than a personalized work of art, it is a deeply human experience, an art that creates links.

The exhibition includes an impressive 15-meters fresco with 42 Self Portraits in Sentro restaurant. During the 1st Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, Véronique’s “Les Yeux Dans Les Yeux” journey was rather turned inward. Every day, in front of her mirror, she made a self-portrait “Les Yeux Dans Les Yeux” on a large roll of white paper. It was a ritual. In the end, she painted, drew and wrote 42 portraits on a fresco of more than 15 meters.

Temporary exhibition to discover from September 2021.
Find the complete list of exhibited works and their prices here.

Véronique Van der Wielen will be present at Sentro on Wednesday September 15 (1pm – 9pm) and Friday September 24 (6pm – 9pm)
Interested in the experience Les Yeux Dans Les Yeux?

Contact for more information or to make an appointment:
veroniquevdw@gmail.com or +32 477 46 63 87