Travelling to Brussels this summer? We have selected 5 temporary exhibitions not to be missed for an immersive journey in the world of varied and unique artists.

  • Portrait of a Lady
    Learn about the representation of women and how they have been viewed throughout the ages, through 85 works of art from the Paleolithic to contemporary art, from the East to the West. Let yourself be carried away by five themes: At the origin; Women in an interior; Nude: model, muse; Portraits and self-portraits; The gender question. You will also have the opportunity to learn more about the career of several exceptional women. The representations you will see are mostly from the male perspective, as the art world was almost exclusively male.
    When? March 24 to September 4, 2022
    Where? Villa Empain
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  • Bulles de Louvre
    Discover the famous Louvre Museum through the eyes of twenty comic book authors who have admired the rooms, collections and visitors to the museum and have been inspired to create their own works. This immersive tour of 150 works is based on three themes: how the authors revisit the history of the museum and its collections, how they recreate daily life and observe the public, and how they use poetic expression to magnify the works: a real journey between the arts, genres and periods.
    When? February 25 to September 11, 2022
    Where? Comics museum
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  • Toots 100, The sound of a Belgian legend
    On 29 April 2022, we celebrated the 100th birthday of our jazz icon Toots Thielemans, the famous guitarist and harmonica player from the Marolles district in Brussels. This interactive exhibition with sound and music will introduce you to previously unpublished material: musical instruments, sound recordings, sheet music, and personal correspondence. This unforgettable trip through the world of jazz will take you from Jean-Baptiste Thielemans to Toots, all in the magnificent setting of the Palais de Charles de Lorraine.
    When? April 22 to August 31, 2022
    Where? KBR, Mont des Arts
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  • Antoine de St Exupéry, Little Prince
    You all know the Little Prince… But do you really know his background story? Dive into the heart of an exceptional and moving life and work through this immersive exhibition. You will be told about the moving life of Antoine de Saint Exupéry, the marvellous world of the Little Prince, and the meeting between the Little Prince and his creator. A special fun tour for your children is available.
    When? February 25 to November 6
    Where: Brussels Expo
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  • Food and the city
    More than 7.5 billion people need to feed themselves every day, despite urbanisation and the decline in the number of producers. Housed in the former windmill in Evere, this museum looks at the current challenges cities face in feeding themselves and highlights the historical evolution of food supply.
    When? September 18, 2021 to August 31, 2022
    Where? Musée bruxellois du Moulin et de l’Alimentation
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  • Viva Frida Kahlo
    A colourful journey awaits you. Enter the world of the famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo with this immersive 360° experience to see, hear and feel the colours and life of this artist. You will dive into her tragic life and her most emblematic works which will come alive with you. You will have the opportunity to discover the artist’s paintings with their symbolism, plants, exotic animals, and self-portraits.
    When? March 18 to September 18, 2022
    Where? VIAGE, Digital Art Theatre
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